In any other place did I felt the touch of gods as in this millennial privileged island in the south of Naples. Layers of civilizations lay over the rocky hills of Capri Island. I spent just one day on this heavenly place, but it was enough to see the vibe and understand the bliss. The vegetation, the rock formations, the water create the idyllic place to spend your holiday, so close, but so far. You can see the land but the feeling here is completely different.

Gods and emperors alike have shared the beauty of this place that seem to come from the imagination of a painter. Nowadays some celebrities continue the tradition of this exclusive island. But do not worry, mortals can have a pick at what seems out of reach.

Now that I think of it, I managed to pack a lot of things in those 24 hours on the island. Arrived by ferry from Naples, took the boat around the island, pass through the Faraglioni, arrived in the city of Capri by bus, visit Capri from the luxurious streets to the rocky side, transfer to Anacapri via suspended road, go to Blue Grotto, go by chair lift to the pick of the mountain, visit Villa San Michele, smell the wisteria, visit the gardens of Augustus and glaze on Via Krupp. Just saying them out loud bring a lot of memories and joy that I was able to collect all this moments for my collection.

How to get to Island of Capri

So here is how we did it. Get up in the morning and got to Naples Port and take the ferry. The exact details of location you can find on our Italy itinerary on Toura on the second day of the trip. The ferry was 22,8 euro and it was an hour sail to Marina Grande – the main port on Capri Island.

Itinerary of Capri Island

As you arrive you can leave your luggage to some clandestine luggage services in the port ( 2 euro). We went and ate a pizza with lemon – unique to the island and then we took a 18 euro boat trip around the island. First it was the mermaid statue, than it was the white cave (Grotta Bianca), followed by the Green Cave (Grotta Verde) but not before passing through the Faraglioni di Capri – the dormant giants guarding the island for the dangers of the sea. We pass by the light house of the island and headed to the last point of interest – Blue Cave (Grotta Azzure). And this is the boat chapter ending.

As we had mapped the island now we set to discover it in detail. We planned on going up to the city of Capri by funicular but it was closed, so we had to take the bus. Capri is the glamorous place, with luxury boutiques and restaurants, reminded me of Santorini – an isolated island where the rich gather to spend their holidays. But as you leave the center behind, all that becomes a memory and you get to know the island for what truly is: nature at it’s best – a heaven for plants and amazing sculptural rock backgrounds. We headed for the elephant-shaped rock we saw from the boat, now we wanted the see behind the scenes. On the journey we saw amazing flowers that I never seen before. Probably the climate is unique allowing the pants to develop particularities.

The best view from Caari

From here we went to see the Gardens of Augustus (Giardini di Augusto), to see one more time the Faraglioni, but from the upper terraces of the island. By this time the sun came out to let us enjoy the particular blue of this island. The gardens offer amazing view to the Faraglioni, to the instagramable Via Krupp and to some flowers arrangements in the garden.

Spring in Capri: wisteria and many more flowers

We stumbled upon wisteria – the treasure in our minds, the purpose of our trip. Never before have I see such amazing wisteria-covered alleys and walls. The view, the sell, and all the senses got together in this spring hysteria call wisteria.

We returned into civilization but decided to go back to the port by food, we found a way and I recommend seeing the old roads people used, behind the houses, taking a pick into the gardens and seeing the plants climb like crazy the rocky walls.

From here we recovered our luggage and took the bus to Anacapri. We check in and spend the night there. In the morning we went to Blue Cave with a crazy bus driver adapted to the climate like an indigenous. We couldn’t see much because the water was high, considering this is the most visited place on Capri Island and we were here alone, must count for something – everyone else got the memo except us. I still have no idea what was on that memo.

Next Stop: Amalfi Coast

Our last ferry for Positano was set to leave at 15:10 so we had some time to spear discovering this part of the island. First we took the chair lit to Monte Solaro (yep, the sun mountain, got it?). It reaches 589 meters. and offers a higher perspective than before: the hole Capri Village and again the unmistakable Faraglioni.

Villa San Michele – Capri

As the time was still on our side we headed to the Villa San Michele guided by the wisteria that was crawling up the walls and showing us a glimpse of what we will find inside. And we were not mistaking to listening to our guts. the villa and the garden are indeed worthy of a god taking a holiday on earth. From everywhere you could see the millions shades of blue, and the wisteria covered alleys, roman-like architecture and pillars, statues and a garden with an eclectic mix of flowers and trees, with light and shadow playing around like in and sun-bathed house deserves.

From here we returned to the bus and went to our Positano Ferry that I will tell you about in a different story.

Capri is called the Green Island (Insola Verde), but I would call it the Island of Flowers.

I liked about Capri:

  • the art work and painted tiles used for everything: street number, directions, maps.
  • the lemon culture (the even have lemon icecream, lemon pizza, and how knows what else lemony they have.

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